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CoachSmart Consulting provides you with a place to get started and sort through some of the confusion of caregiving. 
Through coaching and CoachSmart's "Personal Care Guidebook," Dr. Marla E Jirak, Ph.D., provides resources and tools to help you get started and move beyond the confusion.

CoachSmart's "Personal Care Guidebook" has tools and resources focusing on:

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As a CoachSmart Consulting Client you will have the following resources available to you along with personal attention to the your needs as a caregiver.

Professional and Community Outreach

CoachSmart provides local resources in the quad city area of Central Arizona to help you with your future care needs.

Future Care Planning

CoachSmart provides links to resources that help family and care providers know what the personal plans and wishes are for an individual in the future.

Caregiver Resources

Caregiving is hard and requires many pieces of information to be successful. CoachSmart provides useful resources to help navigate caregiving.


CoachSmart assists you by providing information pertaining to your finances so you are prepared in the event someone would need to manage your financial assets for you.


CoachSmart provides information and resources to help with your current or future medical care needs:

Legal resources

CoachSmart provides information on local, experienced agencies and lawyers to help with your future legal concerns.


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