Providing people with a place to get started and sort through some of the confusion is what CoachSmart Consulting is all about. We have compiled a list of resources and guides to help you get started.
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Professional and Community Outreach

Local resources in the quad city area to help you with your future care needs:

1) Synergy HomeCare Services:

   Alan Wikman and his staff and caregivers offer excellent in-home care    service for individuals who want to stay in their own homes

2) Touchmark at The Ranch:

   A continuous living community offering independent living, assisted living    and compassionate memory care with all the amenities within one    location.

3) Maggie's Hospice and Palliative Care:

   Maggie's Hospice is a privately owned and operated by a registered    providing end of life quality care and services for both the individual and    their families.

Future Care Planning

Links to resources to help family and care providers know what the personal plans and wishes are for an individual in the future:


The Conversation Starter Kit--free download booklet that helps a person put together their personal end of life wishes

2) Personal Care Guidebook created by Dr. Marla E. Jirak is available by clicking the "SHOP" button at the top of the page

Caregiver Resources

Caregiving is hard and requires many pieces of information to be successful. Listed are some useful resources:

1) Resources for Caregivers from AARP:

2) Resource for Caregivers from EduMed:

3) Training for Caregivers:


It is important to put together information pertaining to your finances so you are prepared in the event someone would need to manage your financial assets for you.

1) Free Power of Attorney forms for Arizona and other states:

2) Information about Guardianship and Conservatorships:


Local information and resources to help with your current or future medical care needs:

- Link - Description of link

- Link - Description of link

Legal ServiceS

Local experienced agencies and lawyers to help with your future legal concerns:

- Link - Description of link

- Link - Description of link

- Link - Description of link



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