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Life transitions are a disruption in the flow of people’s lives that shift us into a season of uncertainty. It finds people in a space where we must reorient, learn, rise and transform. Transitions are a phase of life where we listen deeply to what our life is speaking and uncover answers with new meaning. Change is not the same as transition. Change is external, transition is internal. Transition begins with an ending, and the process follows. It is a season of waiting, and not knowing. It is a season of transition.
The responsibilities of a life coach for life transitions are to provide support to a person during a challenging time by teaching them life skills and self-care. The life coach works with people going through major transitions, such as changing careers, starting to care for another, wanting to improve a relationship or navigating a divorce. In addition, a life coach provides stress management techniques to improve overall health with any life transition.

Yes, a life coach can engage remotely with people to help improve the areas of their life in transition. This enables engagement without leaving one’s home and especially helpful for caregivers and disabled individuals. As a remote life coach, you can interact with a professional by phone or video chat.

Absolutely, and here’s why: because coaching will help you clear away the clutter and identify what you value, what you really want in life. And when you’re living according to your core values, you attract people who share those same values. A life coach can help provide resources and tools to enhance a relationship or know when it is time to leave a unhealthy one.
Stress management gives people physical and mental stability. A life coach helps define the types of stress, coping skills to navigate stress, and tools to help manage the stress of day-to-day life. Also, learn how exercise, diet, and good sleeping habits can keep stress at bay.
Whether you are a care provider or care agency, a life coach provides knowledge and support to the components of providing care to others. Tools and resources from a life coach help manage the components of a care recipient’s life—personal, financial, medical and legal. Care agencies can benefit from engagements in team building, resources for caregiver training and communication skills when clients are ill and need support.

Life coaches are not psychologist and do not provide clinical diagnosis or medication. Instead, a life coach is a professional who asks questions that focus on the present and helps the individual create a future that a person hopes to achieve. A good life coach will not tell clients what to do or prescribe specific courses of action.

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