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Make Time For Yourself To Solve Difficult Life Transitions

Relationship Self-Awareness

Using the components of Emotional Intelligence can help you be more aware of your individual and social situations and gain the confidence needed to achieve successful outcomes to achieve a healthy and loving relationship.

Health & Wellness

Are you struggling with your weight, insulin resistant body fat, high cholesterol, pre-diabetic symptoms, and high blood pressure? Your professional life and health coach can assist with a plant-based product to help you meet your goals to better health!

Stress Management

A professional life coach can provide tools and techniques to help you navigate stress triggers to face life’s challenges.

Caregiver Education

Use a life coach to enhance your skills as a caregiver so you are more prepared for the daily challenges caregiving entails.

Life Transition Specialties

Health & Wellness

Working with a professional health and wellness life coach can help people achieve their health goals and improve their overall well-being. Goals are achieved by providing guidance and support in areas such as weight loss, mood regulation, and improved overall energy. Areas of focus include:

A health and wellness life coach can provide a range of tools and help you develop strategies to meet the goals and many challenges in your health. Helping you achieve your best self!

As a researcher, I do my research whenever I recommend products or services to individuals. Are you tired of health plans that you start and can’t continue after a couple months? These products address insulin resistant fat, improve your mood, increased energy, and reduced inflammation, and improve your metabolic health! There are also no negative side effects. Use this link to check out this research backed plant-based products to help you meet your health goals, as well as obtain a discount.

Caregiver Support

Caring for a loved one can be challenging and stressful. A life coach provides tools, resources and understanding to help manage the day-to-day tasks when providing care. Focus areas include:

A life coach asks questions to help those who provide care find their own solutions and use new resources to continue to provide compassionate care to a loved one.

Stress Management

A Life Coach helps people understand the nature of stress, identifies their triggers and stress-responses and puts an actionable plan in place to help people change their thinking and actions to situations that cause stress.

Managing stress with effective tools helps people keep calm and be more energized. Being less stressed, improves overall health, gives more balance to work and life, and allows more clarity for life’s purpose and passion.


Using a life coach helps support individuals in transition—entering a new relationship, wanting to improve an existing relationship, or deciding to end a relationship. All require skills for relating, especially when wanting to personally change ang grow in a partnership.

No two relationships are the same. Having the support of a life coach enables individuals to achieve more satisfaction and happiness within a relationship or understand when it is necessary to leave one.


Our Services

A Life Coach focuses on transitions and will help you create a pathway to the future that you want with support along the way to becoming your best self!!

Individual Sessions

With a coaching/consultation session, speak one-on-one with your professional life coach today and lessen your own self-criticism and use new strategies that lead to your success!

Online Coaching

To provide more convenience and accessibility to all individuals and groups, we now offer online coaching. Call today to meet remotely and get useful tools and resources to meet all your goals.

Guest Lectures

Call today and book Dr. Jirak to give an educational presentation that is informative and engaging. Walk away energized to handle any of life changes that lie ahead.

Caregiver Education

A professional life coach can assist you whether an individual or agency with successful tools for things like caregiver burnout, communication, stress management, and self-care.


We have pricing options available for individuals and groups to help manage the costs and help you achieve the results you are trying to achieve with a professional life professional life and health coach by your side.

Initial Consultation


30 Minutes

Consulting Package


3 Hours

Hourly Plan


1 Hour


Are You a Caregiver or Making Plans for Your Desires in the Future?

Through coaching and CoachSmart’s “Personal Care Guidebook,” Dr. Marla E. Jirak provides resources and tools for organizing your loved one’s care planning or your own future needs.

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