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About Dr. Marla E. Jirak

My educational background was immersed in stress and health research. I have acquired many tools and resources to help people deal with stress, relationships, and personal health goals. This research has also allowed me to understand what it requires to have the self-motivation to bring about the change individuals need.

In my own life, I had a major life transition when my daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury as an infant that left her with cognitive impairments. Caring for her over the years included gaining an understanding of the many aspects of what it takes to care for another individual, especially someone with a brain injury. Brain injury was not well understood 40 years ago, and I had to transition to my new normal and find resources that helped me in this journey.

I realized the complexity of issues and understand what support individuals need when going through a life transition. My coaching and professional consulting experiences have given me insight into the personal, legal, financial, medical, or social components related to changes in life’s transitions.

I bring a strong professional and empathic understanding for what individuals are looking for in a coach or consultant. I also know what is needed to have a respectful and confidential engagement in a coaching environment. Lastly, As an ethical researcher, I investigate various health products and provide only plant-based, natural products into my business.


My own personal experiences inspired me to get a doctorate from the University of Arizona in the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis on stress management and behavior change. I wanted to understand understand how to change our behavior to adapt to new situations and reach our goals, professionally or personally.

In my career, I worked as a consultant and coach for individuals, leaders, and executives, helping them organize and develop their teams and themselves to become more productive as leaders within their organizations and improve areas of their personal lives.

Many aspects of personal and team development overlap with our own life challenges. I gained experience and fine-tuned skills to interpret research, design educational material, and present to various audiences on many topics. Organizing and planning made my personal and career responsibilities so much easier. Now, I am at a point in my life where I would like to share what I have learned with the community.

As a consultant and coach, I can assist those going through life transitions caring for a family member, managing a career, coping with stress, or struggles in your relationships. Ultimately, this puts tools and resources in our own hands and takes the burden and responsibility off of others should something unexpected happen. Ultimately, this puts tools and resources in our own hands and allows success.

All of life’s transitions encompass stress. Managing that stress is key to our health and well-being. I personally find my ability to recharge in nature. My passions include hiking, boating, and fishing in lakes and streams.  Doing this gives me an ability to be a compassionate caregiver and successful coach. Make an appointment today to become your best self!


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Are You a Caregiver or Making Plans for Your Desires in the Future?

Through coaching and CoachSmart’s “Personal Care Guidebook,” Dr. Marla E. Jirak provides resources and tools for organizing your loved one’s care planning or your own future needs.

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