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Life's Transitions

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Do You Find Yourself Struggling in These Areas?

CoachSmart Consulting provides you with a place to get started for sorting through some of life’s expected and unexpected challenges.

Maintaining our health includes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When these areas get off track, a person feels stuck.

Caregivers assist in the support of another who, due to age, illness, disability, or some other factor, cannot care for themselves.

A wide spectrum of techniques and skills aimed at controlling a person’s level of stress, especially chronic stress, usually for the purpose of having positive effects on mind, body and spirit.
Whether your entering into a relationship or leaving one, it takes vital skills for relating and working through conflict so each individual can have a successful outcome.

Are You a Caregiver or Making Plans for Your Desires in the Future?

Through coaching and CoachSmart’s “Personal Care Guidebook,” Dr. Marla E. Jirak provides resources and tools for organizing your loved one’s care planning or your own future needs.


Dr. Marla E. Jirak – Expert Consultant

Dr. Jirak has extensive experience with helping individuals who are feeling over-whelmed with life transitions—whether it be a health & wellness, relationships, or caregiving. She engages in kind and compassionate life coaching and consulting using stress management techniques and effective tools and resources.


Personal Care Guidebook

A multi-sectioned guidebook to help organize the important components for someone who receives care or wanting to plan their future care.


Documents for organizing your personal information like emergency contacts, family member names and addresses, friends, housekeeper, landscaper, passwords, burial wishes, etc., that is unique to the individual.


A place to indicate the location of your living will, trusts, client attorneys, DNR’s or other legal documents necessary if you become incapacitated.


List personal doctors and specialists, prescriptions, previous surgeries, hospitalizations, medical insurance, Medicare/Medicaid cards, and other information needed by medical facilities and doctors for health care.


Worksheets for monthly expenses/income sources, insurance policies, checking/saving accounts, investments, and other financial information.

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Helping Individuals Navigate Life Transitions to Become Your Best Self!!

A Life Coach can provide tools, techniques and support that allows you to take control of your own life and deal with any life transition.

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