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life's transitions that fit your needs


Does this task overwhelm you?

Learn how to lessen the burden for you and your family...

Gathering the information and documents you need to prepare for transitions within your life
takes some organization and resources.

Organize and make decisions now for you or a loved one for your life-care planning that
promotes peace of mind for caregivers and others.

CoachSmart Decisions in key areas including financial, medical, legal, residential, and other important services.

CoachSmart Consulting provides you with a place to get started and
sort through some of life changing transitions.

Through coaching and CoachSmart's "Personal Care Guidebook," Dr. Marla E Jirak provides resources and tools to help you get started and move beyond the confusion.

CoachSmart's "Personal Care Guidebook" has tools and resources focused on
guiding you in the following foundations of life:


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As a CoachSmart Consulting Client you will have resources to navigate
life's changes available to you along with
personal attention to the your individual needs.

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Stories from our clients
Dr. Jirak positively changed my life in several ways by helping to process feedback and modify my behavior t be more effective in a challenging work environment....I'm extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by her.
Program Manager, Tuscon, AZ

Marla makes it easier for people who need help navigating through life. She coaches them at their level of understanding and does it with care and compassion. She always has their best interest at heart and consults with various entities to ensure she knows where they can get exactly what services or care they need.
Des Moine, IA

Words that come to mind when describing Dr. Marla Jirak's character: integrity, professionalism, compassion. Dr. Jirak's joyful disposition and thorough coaching/consulting assistance will help you relax with confidence in making important life decisions and reaching your personal goals. She will be your reliable advocate and mentor. Lean on her strength, experience and wisdom. Reap the rewards and move forward, sure-footed, in your life.
School Counselor from Madison, WI
Marla is an excellent coach with extensive knowledge in both individual and team consulting. I have personally witnessed the positive results of her work both on an individual scale and in complex teaming environments...she invests her personal best to bring results. She makes consulting personal, and really gets to the hear of her clients. I have seen even those who were skeptical of consulting leave the experience with create faith in her skills, and life long friendships.
Tuscon, AZ
Dr. Jirak's formal organizational training and individual module sessions have had lasting positive impact. In my personal learnings application and continued growth I have found that the strategies and techniques flow out into other life arenas as well. I feel very  fortunate to have had a senior director that invested in Dr. Jirak's expertise to lead organizational and individual leader development.

Tuscon, AZ



What is the single biggest concern facing you when thinking about your latest life transition?
Are you overwhelmed as a caregiver? Do you not know what to do in starting or ending a relationship? Is there too much stress in your life?

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Guest Speaking & Workshops

Dr. Marla Jirak

Guest Speaking

Dr. Jirak is a dynamic speaker who shares her own experiences and why she became a Life Transition Coach and Consultant. Her education, knowledge and experience are invaluable.

She will leave your organization and event guests equipped and transformed.


Keep an eye out for Dr. Jirak's workshops. Her dynamic and life changing messages are a must see. She will share her knowledge that is relatable and practical. Her workshops are held in Prescott, AZ and surrounding cities.

Contact us to book Dr. Marla Jirak for a workshop or event.


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