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Organizing Legal information

Gathering the information and documents you need to care for another person takes some organization and resources. There can be many questions that come about regarding these legal concerns.

Call CoachSmart Consulting, LLC today for a complimentary consultation to help you get organized and help you find the necessary resources you need when taking care of the legal concerns of another individual.

Organizing Medical information

Today, many families are no longer living in the same city or town near each other. Children often go off to larger cities to find good jobs and relatives may live elsewhere. Once a parent or relative develops a cognitive impairment, has a stroke or develops dementia, managing their health care needs can be daunting for family members or relatives living farther away. You may want to plan for your future and get that information organized before an impairment occurs. If you have a parent, spouse, relative or individual who can no longer manage their medical care, how do you go about organizing their medical information?

If you have concerns or questions about the medical, psychological or physical care for another person, contact CoachSmart Consulting, LLC today for a complimentary consultation. Let us help you get organized and help guide you through this process, so you have less stress and worry over a loved one’s needs, no matter where you live.

Financial Organization

It is difficult when a person is faced with a decision to have someone help them with their finances. Given so much fraud today, how do you protect a person needing care? Managing their day-to-day financial needs and helping them ease their financial fears is a challenge.

There are many questions that arise when considering another person’s financial matters.

CoachSmart Consulting can help you find ways to simplify this process and organize this information. Also, we can provide local references so you can find a  fiduciary to assist with these financial matters. Give us a call today!

Caregiver Resources

A caregiver provides help to another person in need. The person receiving care may be an adult - a parent or a spouse - or a child with a mental or physical disability. Some caregivers are family members, but others are paid to provide that service.

Caregiving is hard, often times leaving caregivers feeling stressed and overwhelmed. They are "on call" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and often times continuing for years.

CoachSmart Consulting, LLC can provide valued information and resources for you as a caregiver to help avoid burnout. Give us a call today to set up your complimentary consultation.

Future Care Planning

Organize and make decisions now for you or a loved one for your life care planning that promotes peace of mind for caregivers and others. Make decisions in key areas including financial, medical, legal, residential and other important services. Call for a complimentary consultation

Professional and Community Outreach

Obtaining information or looking for continuing education as a caregiver is an important as a caregiver. Guest speaking, lunch and learns or customized workshops are available. Here are some possible topics:

  1. Caregiving and Emotional Intelligence
  2. Caring for an Individual with Cognitive Impairments
  3. Letting Go and Letting Others Care for a Loved One
  4. Brain Injury and Cognitive Impairment

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